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Perforated Aluminum Blinds 25mm

Price: 34.5037.50 per sq.m.

The perforated 25mm metal blinds are a safe and functional solution for any interior.
Horizontal blinds can be placed in any part of your home, as well as in business spaces, giving a sense of luxury and refinement.
Minimum charge 1.00m x 1.00m (width and height).



Παρακαλώ επιλέξτε πρώτα χρώμα και κατόπιν δηλώστε τις διαστάσεις που επιθυμείτε σε εκατοστά ώστε να γίνει ο σωστός υπολογισμός της τιμής. Για διαστάσεις σε πλάτος άνω των 2.00m και σε ύψος άνω των 2.70m επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας.

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With the metal blinds you have the ability to adjust the brightness in your space, rotating the mechanism right and left. You are also given the opportunity to completely close the blinds, thus achieving an isolation in your space. Their flexible and high quality mechanism ensures their daily use without problems and technical restrictions. For all metal blinds we have their spare parts.

The package includes the metal blind with all the necessary accessories for its installation.

When the support for the blinds is made externally (above the window-balcony door), we must add to the total width 10cm left and 10cm right, while to the total height we add 20cm.
When the support in the blinds will be done internally (in a recess) we do not add extra points either in height or in width.
When there are obstacles (knobs, protrusions) that obstruct the path of the leaves, then you should get the extension bracket