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50 years of experience

This website in which you are surfing is the preface for a wide variety of innovative and classic choices, combinations and contrasts, colors and patterns into the beauty world of shadow and decoration, with you and your personal service as receiver. Besides, decoration is like real life nothing is taking for granted and no rules are being followed.
It’s a personal search that everyone makes depending on the needs someone has at that time. People who choose to renovate their personal spaces or create new one, are those who goal their energy by opening new circles of creativity. 

Surfing into our website you can final interesting suggestions through realistic photos taken from our projects.

So, if you are willing to renovate your office, your cottage, your shop-business we are at your own products combined to competitive prices, giving solutions for every situation exception or not. 

Throughout, all these years we have been going through it is indisputable that our store has responded at most client, fulfilling, anything has being asked. The collaboration with the most realized companies (abroad and Greece), gives as the ability to distinguish for the quality, variety and low prices.

Closing, I’d like to thank you for your preference all those years, forwards Skivalakis stores.

Yours sincerely,
Skivalakis Michael


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