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Black Out Roller Shades

Price: 29.60 per sq.m.

The collection of full blackout rollers consists of a fantastic color range of fabrics and textures.
The fabrics are polyester full blackout, which ensures your complete privacy without allowing the slightest light to enter.



Please, select a color and after type your dimensions in centimeters so that the price can be calculated correctly. For dimensions in width over 2.20m and height over 2.50m please contact us.

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The fabric is 100% polyester.
Shading Type: Total Darkening
Maximum Width: 1.90m
Shading rollers are not washable, only clean with a light damp vetex or steam cleaner.
All shading rollers can be inserted under a wooden metope or from an aluminum case.
The minimum charge on Shading Rollers is 1 meter (in width) x 1 meter (in height).
For Rollers with more than 2 meters width, contact us to inform you about the types of mechanisms.

Shading rollers include the fabric, the mechanism and the chain (control).
They also have metal supports and are covered with a plastic cap which is combined with the color of the fabric. .

Pay attention to the way the rollers are measured
the width of the fabric will be 3.5cm less than the total length of the roller.
In a roller with a total width (from support to support) 1.00cm the net width of the fabric will be 96.5cm.