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Vertical Fabric Blinds 089mm monochrome

Price: 38.00 per sq.m.

Vertical Blinds are an elegant and timeless system of interior shading, which adapts exactly to the dimensions of your windows, suitable for business and home spaces.
Made of polyester fabric, they are placed in a vertical arrangement and having the ability to rotate, they perfectly regulate the shading.



Παρακαλώ επιλέξτε πρώτα χρώμα και κατόπιν δηλώστε τις διαστάσεις που επιθυμείτε σε εκατοστά ώστε να γίνει ο σωστός υπολογισμός της τιμής. Για διαστάσεις σε πλάτος άνω των 5.00m και σε ύψος άνω των 4.00m επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας.

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Made of polyester fabric, partial blackout with a width of 89cm.The mechanism is made of excellent quality aluminum and is available in white,black or silver color.The components of the mechanism are metallic.
Maximum dimensions of construction of blinds width 5.00m and height 4.00m
The minimum charge is 1.00m x 1.00m

For electric vertical blinds, the product cannot be ordered via e-shop, only by phone at 2810 288 900 & 24 11 24 or by e-mail at [email protected] .

Vertical blinds to keep them as good as possible should be cleaned with a damp cloth or ideally a steam cleaner.