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Tool set 5 pcs Bucket K32-1230

Price: 69.0077.00

Brass bucket of tools in a minimal design and with all the necessary tools for your home.
Made entirely of stainless steel for maximum resistance to the temperatures created near and inside the hearth of your fireplace.
The Height of the Bucket is 32 cm and its Width is 17cm.
Diameter: Φ17



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The metal of the bucket is of excellent quality painted sheet metal, while the tools are made of iron painted with the process of electrostatic painting to withstand the high temperatures that develop near the hearth of your fireplace but also not to change, warp or rust.

The set includes: bucket, wood tongs, digger, broom, shovel

The product cannot be cleaned with chemicals. Use a dry cloth or plain water to keep the product in excellent condition.
Any other cleaning method you do not consider safe and for any damage of the item we bear no responsibility and we do not provide the possibility of replacing or compensating the product.