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Handful of sliding door No 220

Price: 12.3516.15

Modern design, with simple design, so that it fits and adapts to all doors.Available With or Without Hole.
For each door you will need 2 pieces.
The price is for the item.


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Suitable for all sliding doors.
Available colors:Polished Chrome/Chrome Mat/Nickel Mat/Polished Oro/Oro Mat/Bronze.
Construction Material: Brass.
Made in Greece.

When the Sliding Door has a lock (and locks) we select With Hole while when there is no lock we select Without Hole.

The package includes the handful for sliding door as well as all the necessary screws to fit it to the door.

ALL metal items (curtain rods, knobs, handles) are NOT chemical cleanable. The only and safest way to clean them is water. You take a wet cloth, which you drain very well and clean locally only.
Any other way you do not consider safe and for any damage of the item we do not bear any responsibility and we do not provide the possibility of replacement or compensation of the product.