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Single Flat Railway White

Price: 5.20 per meter

Aluminum rail in any dimension you wish. It can be installed on a ceiling or wall, giving a modest but at the same time beautiful effect.

Price: 5.20 per meter
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Railway suitable for all areas.
It is very easily mounted either on the wall or on the ceiling.
Available colors:White
Construction material: Aluminum

The package includes supports, rollers, hooks, stops, plugs, all the accessories for its installation.

ALL metal items (curtain rods, knobs, handles) are NOT chemical cleanable. The only and safest way to clean them is water. You take a wet cloth, which you drain very well and clean locally only.
Any other way you do not consider safe and for any damage of the item we do not bear any responsibility and we do not provide the possibility of replacement or compensation of the product.