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Curtain rod Metal F25 Cp4132 Color Pop

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Curtain rod with diameter (thickness) tube Φ25. With modern design that will upgrade your interior space, giving it a sense of luxury. It adapts to your own dimensions and is cut to your measurements upon order.


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Metal Curtain rod suitable for home & professional use.
Easy mounting on the wall.
For all types of curtains.
Curtain rod diameter:F25
Construction material:The pole is stainless steel while all other parts are made of zamak.
Also available for double curtains by adding an internal aluminum rail in the same color that you will choose your curtain rod. Ή with inner tube F20.
When the pipe is 160cm the internal railway will be 10cm shorter.

The package includes: the pole, 2 decorative ends, the rings (10 per meter) and 2 supports together with the necessary screws, hooks and dowels for their attachment to the wall.
In dimensions of 2.40cm and above, a third support is included.
In case we choose a double curtain rod, all the necessary components for its correct placement are included.

ALL metal items (curtain rods, knobs, handles) are NOT chemical cleanable. The only and safest way to clean them is water. You take a wet cloth, which you drain very well and clean locally only.
Any other way you do not consider safe and for any damage of the item we do not bear any responsibility and we do not provide the possibility of replacement or compensation of the product.

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